Company projects 2022/2023

Explore the Company Projects 2022/2023 where the Students of Digital Marketing made their impact by incorporating the Digital Marketing Communication Skills and Strategies in order to build up the Brand.

Live For Good

Live For Good is an association dedicated to young entrepreneurs between 18 and 30 years old who want to develop a project with social impact. For this purpose, Live for Good sets up a 9-month training program. You can find personalized coaching and constant contact with other entrepreneurs, alumni, and companies.

During this semester, Skema junior consultant helps the company to find its positioning. They also worked on their digital strategy, to build a community, by creating several marketing plans.


Solomas is a French cabinet making company based in Saint-André-de-la-Roche in the Alpes Maritime region since 1972. It’s specialized in commercial layout, interior and exterior design. The objective is to doubling its workforces within 5 years. Solomas contacted us to implement a strong digital marketing strategy to help them achieve this goal.

Our role as consultants is to improve the image of this industry. Then we will develop the company’s visibility to find better profiles through digital means.


Defismed is a non-profit organization since 2009. Through their network of individuals and professionals on both sides of the Mediterranean, they call on all citizens to support strategy for the development of ecotourism. Defismed wants is to preserve and protect our living Mediterranean heritage.

Now, our goals are to raise awareness on a different vision of tourism especially among the youth and recruit, guide and support all the ecotourism stakeholders in the sector.


Malongo is a roasting coffee company since 1934. It is currently the leading player in organic and fair trade coffee. We offer top-of-the-range coffees from the noblest terroirs. The grown follows rules according to ancestral agricultural methods on small family plantations. The company offers coffees from the noblest regions of the world.

Our main, goal as consultants is to help the French coffee company improve its digital presence. Currently, its renown mainly comes from physical stores, products and relationships.

Better Things

Better Things is an app that uses code-barre scanning technology. It identifies where the product is made and so the environment built for workers and the impact of the transport on the planet.  the app calculates a score based on the country’s ecological and social performances. It also ranks the brand transparency index. You can find some alternatives if the score is low.

Our role is to build the communication strategy, and a crowdfunding campaign before the launch of the app but also to organize a quality survey to know how to improve it.

PMI – Project Management Professional Days

The PMPD is a job fair where students and companies can meet. It is focusing on recruiting new talent for Project Management in an informative and positive environment. The PMPD project is out since 2019 and has helped connect many companies and students. It also educates students on Project Management and the advantages of a job in the field.

Our objective is to hold and organize an event that will be on the 26th of January online. It will be through the Vfair platform and on the 27th of January in Skema in the Kcenter.

MDI Immobilier

MDI Immobilier is a real-estate agency located in Saint-Laurent-Du-Var, on the French Riviera. With more than 20 years of experience on the market, the agency called us to take a step further in their approach to the business.

Our role as consultants is to help them overcome today’s challenges by creating awareness and engagement between the brand and the customers, and developing their business through digital assets while enhancing the agency’s values.


ISSSA is a CRM (Customer relationship management) platform that focuses on aiding people and organizations towards ecological transitions. We deliver a playful and educational approach with the options of daily recycling, mobility, and consumption as the three main goals that a user can select as the focus for the day.

We, as consultants, are working together to build the brand image and develop an interactive CRM platform with the help of digital tools and expertise.


Fereor is an Ironwork located in Colomars, in the south of France. With more than 50 years of expertise, the current CEO took over the company ten years ago, aiming to change Fereor to “La Ferronnerie Raynaud”. His main goal is to have a better influence online and be able to find new customers across the French Riviera.

Our mission is to help him to communicate and attract new customers by using the digital tools and create emailling campaign to the right target.


Videtics is a software development company based in Sophia Antipolis. The company’s goal is to use AI for video surveillance. The latter offers a software suite that enables realtime analysis of protected areas, decision making and post-investigation using existing IP cameras.

The goal of the project is to help Videtics improve its web presence by developing and creating content for their website.

Explore the Company Projects 2022/2023 where the Students of Digital Marketing made their impact by incorporating the Digital Marketing Communication Skills and Strategies in order to build up the Brand.