Why I left my internship after four weeks

So far, we’ve tried to keep this blog positive, featuring mostly testimonials of our students and pictures of events on the campus. But as we said goodbye at the end of April, looking forward to barging in to the real world, the tough part happened – internships. Sure, the first month of an internship tends to be difficult for everyone. However, one of our students had an unfortunate experience and decided to leave after four weeks. Why? Let’s find out!

Internship hunt: Best practices

We are relieved to say that the internship hunt is over and I wish luck to everyone in their new digital challenge! Many of us had to go through a long and thorough recruitment processes so we had a lot of opportunities to improve our pitch and find a lucky outfit for an interview. Find below our best practices on how to fine-tune your resume or handle a collective interview! Please share more in the comment section.