Class of 2019/2020

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Here are some testimonials of our students, in order to learn more about them and also about the Msc Digital Marketing and Project management.

Teacher's Assistants
teacher assistant

Yahya Alfreh

Fisrt, Yahya Alfreh is the current Teacher Assistant for the class of 2019/2020. He joined during the prior Spring semester and has taken up his responsibilities as of September 2019. His current main duties are: to be the main liaison of all matters between the head of the program Frederic Bossard and the students while ensuring supervision on all organizational matters between students and professors. Moreover, Yahya was a communication consultant for 4 years prior to joining SKEMA. Thus, he was part of the Publicis network and has handled clients such as P&G, Samsung, Bupa, Ericsson & Amadeus and was previously a graduate of the American University of Beirut with a degree in Finance.

Ludivine Bourgeois

Then, Ludivine is the Webmaster and Community Manager of this MSc. Actually, she takes care of the visual, creation, and updating aspect of this website, she is also the relay between job offers and the class. Also, she manages the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin pages of this  Master of Science. She is under nice supervision and receives useful advice from our IT teacher Mike Castro Demaria.

Class Delegates
Anekanth & Alex

Delegates are in charge of collecting feedback, positive or negative, of our current students and submitting it to our professors in order to improve the program. As their privileged interlocutors, they have the opportunity to take a sneak peek behind the scenes of our MSc.

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