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Teacher's Assistants
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Gaspard Dauphin

Gaspard is the current teacher assistant for this Master of Science. His main duties consist in managing all matters between the head of the program Frederic Bossard and the students while ensuring supervision on all organisational matters between students and all the professors.


Rita is the webmaster and community manager of this program. She takes care of the visual, creation and updating aspects of this website. Not only that, but she also manages Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin pages of this Master of science. She receives useful tips and is under the supervision of our IT teacher Mike Castro Demaria.

Class Delegates

Delegates are in charge of collecting feedback, positive or negative, of our current students and submitting it to our professors in order to improve the program. As their privileged interlocutors, they have the opportunity to take a sneak peek behind the scenes of our MSc.

Sophie Vandeville


Sandro Abou Abdo

Class Alternate Delegates

Alternate Delegates are supporting the Delegates in their tasks such as collecting feedback, positive or negative, of our current students. They also contribute to the improvement of the MSc through the organization of some events for instance.

Thomas Bertrand

Anthony Descombes