Acticop is a start up with plans of launching in the Maritime Alps. Its aim is to enable entrepreneurs to develop their activities within a common wage-earning framework. The objective is that 20 entrepreneurs have integrated by 31/03/2015 and 30 by the end of December 2015.

Students already have a validated business model to work with and will be working under three main objectives. These include creating communication towards institutions and the general public (enterprises, employees, job seekers, etc). They will also be responsible for creating a digital platform along with working with the press/media for the launch event(s) and territorial mobilization (partners, press etc).

Actif Azur

Actif Azur

ACTIF AZUR offers the renovation of computers along with other computer services. The students are responsible for three different components of the project. The first being market research. This includes an assessment of the company’s potential, determination of their needs, strengths and weaknesses, development / updating of their database of potential partners and clients, etc. The second component is the creation of marketing and communication tools (with emphasis on the social and solidarity economy component). Lastly, they worked on the implementation of initial commercial actions and monitoring of indicators.

Data moove logo

Data Moove (PasTime)

Data Moove is a mobile platform that creates customized tourist packages.These packages are based on big data extracted from user’s internet behavior. The target customers for the overall project, PasTime, are city stakeholders like city marketing, travel and tourism-related companies and organizers of large events and providers and developers of data management solutions and applications for cities or events.

Students working for Data Moove are in charge of launching an online presence for the start-up as well as many of the business model elements and the app for mobile users. The team of nine has already laid the foundation of the project and now prepping for the launch of the new product.



Griesser is a company responsible for manufacturing and marketing sun protection and window closure products through e-commerce. Students will work on the project in close collaboration with Ms Audoux & the project management apprenticeship. In the first phase, students will analyze the different stakeholders of the project as well as the solar protection market in France. The second phase will require the team to develop an e-commerce site adapted to the company’s products and the French market.



Havasu is an HR business intelligence company. The aim for the students involved is to develop print and web marketing campaigns for the new web portal The goal of the portal (still in development stage) is to offer tools for visitors that improves their general management skills and more specifically for psychological risks at work (absenteeism, stress). The portal is to be used as a reference.

Investiga France


INVESTIGA-FRANCE is an investigation firm that fights counterfeiting. The company hopes to expand internationally and has charged the students with creating the digital component of their project. The SKEMA team’s goal is to establish a business plan, work on the creation of a site specific to this activity and work on its SEO potential.



The International Erasmus Mundus Master Course SERP-Chem is responsible for training master students with effective scientific and technological tools used in closely related fields (green chemistry, renewable energy, Nano medicine, etc) and in entrepreneurship. The goal of the Skema project is to ensure to the master visibility (promotion) and future sustainability by increasing participation of new attendees: students financed by scholarship programs, by companies, as well as self-financed students. The master targets young scientists trained in sciences (chemistry, physics, material sciences) from all over the world.

sophia club entreprises

Sophia Club Enterprises

Sophia Club Enterprises’ main goal is maintaining the economic and cultural vocation of SophiaAntipolis. Students are in charge of developing a communication strategy (integrating notions of attractiveness, creativity and dynamism) in order to enhance the multimodal offer and to enable the territory’s assets.

In the first step, acquiring the tools and means in terms of transport is important. At the same time, they will propose new ideas / solutions in coherence with existing infrastructure network and in the course of development.



Synertal is an innovative marketing and communication company for different brands, products and services. Students working with the company are in charge of digital & physical (conferences) projects, brands, products and services promotion, creating a communication & marketing strategyand being innovative (finding new forms of management concepts).