Company projects 2015/2016



ACEC is a consultancy agency in charge of creating, managing, and building business development. For its 40th anniversary, students will organize a big event (convention) during the first quarter of 2015. This event will honor all of the great works of ACEC and help build partnerships.

*The day-long event required a strong Web/Marketing and NTICs approach. It attracted nearly 200 guests and partnered with technical/political/intellectual personalities and companies. The students working on the project will contribute to the company’s audit, benchmark, SWOT, survey, digital strategies, and any further recommendations.


AFM Téléthon

AFM-TELETHON is a French organization fighting against neuromuscular diseases. Carte blanche was in charge of organizing a Téléthon event for the company in Sophia Antipolis. The goal was to generate funds for Téléthon and bring awareness to the people of Sophia Antipolis. Students were in charge of marketing the event and creating an app and online features.


Antibes SHARKS Côte d’Azur

Antibes SHARKS Côte d’Azur is a basketball pro club currently known as the French championship Pro A. Students were in charge of analyzing and creating a benchmark for Pro basketball activity in France and Europe. The topic was the economy generated by basketball Pro A in France and basketball PRO A-League 1 in Europe. They also conducted an analysis and created a benchmark for marketing activity. They have marketed the event, created an app and online features.



The Belenos Program was hosted at the Skema Business School Incubator and categorized within the tourism sector. Students were in charge of designing a digital marketing strategic plan for ‘fasting’ and ‘diet’ well-being weekly programs.



Nativos is a Latin-American high-end handicraft company that designs, imports, and distributes high-end Colombian and Ecuadorian handicrafts. It is a young company whose aim is to save the “savoir-faire” of the pre-Colombian era in edifying them and exporting them. All the products are unique, handmade entirely from local wood or vegetable matter.

There are three main areas in which the students helped the company. The first is the decoration of items and furniture. Students hoped to improve the website and make decorating the main focus and organize Nativo’s participation in the decoration exhibition. For the creation of fashion and hats, students hoped to create a new website focused on hats, developing the distribution network and developing the sales abroad (luxury hotels, galleries, stores…), and developing a catalog with a photoshoot. Lastly, the students hoped to develop a brand image, build partnerships, and find/develop new qualitative packaging.


Nice Hockey Côte d’Azur

Nice Hockey Côte d’Azur is a sports association whose main objective is to increase the number of partners of the NHCA. Students working on the project were in charge of analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the club, studying the success conditions of other similar organizations, and defining a development strategy for new financial partners. Secondly, after confirmation of their strategy by the NHCA office, the team began their search for partners through different media tactics.



Quote-O-Matic is a cloud-based software and B2B solution that helps with selling, accounting, and customer management. The students were responsible for researching current SaaS business models which supported SMBs with their company’s finances (sales, quotes, etc.). Their research and benchmark determined the best way to differentiate and develop their own, unique product that supported SMBs in France, Germany, UK, and Italy. Additional project goals included researching legal requirements for similar businesses that offered such services in France and our other target countries outside of France.


Radio ZeroSix

Radio ZeroSix is a radio broadcasting station that was in need of a marketing strategy as well as digital marketing and communications tools (i.e. social media, website, newsletter, brochure…) in their venture to expand locally and internationally. Within the sales marketing department, students helped to develop and implement business and marketing plans, initiate and coordinate the development of action plans to find stakeholders and investors, and set up a successful crowdfunding campaign aimed at companies. Lastly, for their PR, students helped to develop the radio’s network/find new partnerships and set up an all-inclusive event package to offer to companies.