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Crédit agricole

Credit Agricole is the first bank of the region with more than 870, 000 customers and 83 % of private individuals, including 44 % of members. Their project goal is to create a targeted digital marketing campaign, focused on “pedagogy, modernism, differentiation and openness.”

The students working on the project will contribute to the company’s audit, benchmark, SWOT, survey, digital strategies and any further recommendations.



CROS Côte d’Azur is the first sports liaison in the region. They offer sports trainings – supporting leagues and clubs, which help athletes build experience.

The challenge for students working on the project is improving CROS Côte d’Azur’s website in terms of look-and-feel and content and conveying information more easily and to the right person. One of their main goals is to increase CROS Côte d’Azur’s visibility and notoriety through digital communication.

Data Moove

Data Moove is a mobile platform that creates customized tourist packages.These packages are based on big data extracted from user’s internet behavior. The target customers for the overall project, PasTime, are city stakeholders like city marketing, travel and tourism-related companies and organizers of large events and providers and developers of data management solutions and applications for cities or events.

Students working for Data Moove are in charge of launching an online presence for the start-up as well as many of the business model elements and the app for mobile users. The team of nine has already laid the foundation of the project and now prepping for the launch of the new product.

GIT logo

Gestion Immobilière Tissinié

GIT is a family real estate business created 30 years ago that faced a sharp decrease in clientele in 2015. Hence, Mr Tissinié and his team hoped to upgrade “GIT” to “GIT 2.0” by maintaining their clientele, emphasizing the company’s values and becoming a leader in real estate 2.0 through a strong online presence.

Students working on this project have analyzed and audited their communication and online strategies. They now hope to update GIT’s website, create SEO analysis, implement traffic monitoring and also a strategic communication plan for social media if needed.

Live for Good

This year, nine students have the pleasure of helping Miss Aurore Courtois and her father, Mr. Jean-Philippe Courtois, a former student of SKEMA and current head of Microsoft International with their company plan. The Gabriel Award’s purpose is to award social entrepreneurs ages 18-27 with unique talent and have plans to create a project with a social dimension.

SKEMA students are in charge of creating digital solutions as well as diversifying applications for the second year and improving the technological platform by integrating more functions. Their goal as junior consultants is to improve the Courtois’ ambitious project, “Live for Good.“ The student’s main tasks include preparing for the 2nd year of the Gabriel Award and developing the plan.


VaiPharm is a mobile application that helps users virtually store data from their pharmacy and organise it. People can store their preference of prescription, user profile, or adding a reminder, not only for themselves, but also for relatives.

Students working for VaiPharm are working on the marketing and community communication plan by finding partnerships and sponsors. They’ve also completed a benchmark, which analyses several similar applications for VaiPahrm. Additionally, they helped build a business model, which will help “to make the company profitable.”

Le Village Graphic

Village Graphic is a French printing shop in Vallauris named NormaColor. The founder has two objectives: to create a community of professional graphic designers and to implement a commercial platform. That is why he created a village through a fablab and a co-working space where professionals and customers can work together.

After the strategic marketing analysis is complete, a communication plan (online tools, such as Facebook ads, to enhance the website through tracking software…) will be developed in order to reach the manager’s objectives.

Whatime logo


Whatime is a newly released mobile application for sportsmen. In contrast to rival applications, the program does not focus on the performance of users, but rather the social aspect. Whatime’s main objective is to gather sportsmen of any level or genre and develop real life communities to meet for events that anyone is free to organize. 

To enhance the app, the company reached out to SKEMA Business School to gather support in the marketing and the communication fields.

Wimi 2


Founded in 2010 by Lionel Roux and Antoine Duboscq, WIMI now has more than 20,000 businesses, 49,000 projects and 65,000 users. It is a well-known project management tool operating out of its Paris and San Francisco offices. Its mission is to create an easy-to-use platform for project teams.

WIMI’s expansion strategy within the education community, where teachers and students study as teams in projects, has allowed them to understand their needs and offer resources such as document sharing capabilities, communication tools and task calendars with deadlines. With the help of team meetings, coaching sessions with the professors, benchmarking of the sector, business plan simulations, survey analysis and communication strategy plans following scientific methodologies, students working on the project will be able to create a future scope for an efficient marketing strategy.