Company projects 2018/2019

Explore the Company Projects 2018/2019 where the Students of Digital Marketing made their impact by incorporating the Digital Marketing Communication Skills and Strategies in order to build up the Brand.



Panasia is launching a new brand, Panasia Express, an Asian gourmet fast food located in Velizy (near Paris).

First, the scope of the project includes creation and execution of a digital strategy. In fact, communication plan on various social media, recommendations for the launch of new website, email marketing campaigns are the main goal.



Seemore is a travelling agency based in The French Riviera, with 6 branches and about 20 employees.

The project is about defining a digital strategy, in order to optimize their sales and the quality of their service. Indeed, Seemore knows the importance of the e-reputation. So, the students’ goal is to make Seemore Voyages, reknown between Beaulieu and Marseille.


Crédit Agricole

Crédit Agricole PACA would like to become the reference bank in the tourism sector.

Actually, the project consists in developing a 3-years digital communication plan for the tourism players in the area, and a 1-year implementation plan. The different players to target are : gastronomy, oenology, sports, ecotourism, know-how, urban tourism/night-time  Then, the commercial goal is to expand their market share with the opening of new professionnal bank account.



Griesser is a blind and roller blind merchant. But they do not have a standardized concept for specialized partners. 20% of their customers that make 80% of their turnover.

Therefore, the project is about making a proper B2B2C/training platform strategy to launch in France first as a test program and pushing to other near countries such as Spain, Italy etc after. Also, they want to extend their brand quality and good reputation also within their digital product.


ETS Merat

Family business created in 1981, composed of 15 employees and partners in the area of plumbing, heating, air conditioning.

They are looking to improve the high standard customer base (B2B & B2C) through quality work. Moreover, they would like a better solution to communicate about know-how practices and suggestions of new marketing solutions in order to reach the target.



Ultra Prod needs to improve their communication and branding. By consolidating them under a single parent website and company branding, in order to build a strong brand presence, which is easier to recognize and be understood even by non-technical personals.



Santors is an independent broker online.

The project consists in 3 steps : Improving the product and business model (benchmark, objectives..), Implement a digital strategy to increase brand awareness (recommendations, social media..), and develop the sales (lead acquisition, cross-selling..)



Fireleads is a web application that helps its users to save and even make money on products and services that they use regularly, by subscribing to better solutions from Fireleads’ partners.

The project consists in developing solutions essentially based on web marketing and digital strategy, branding and business development solutions to help Fireleads to go from 10k users to 1Millions users in one year of time. It may also include selection of Fireleads’ partners, suggested products and services, re-designing the marketing and branding…



LP2I is a French SMB, printer of adhesive labels.

The project is about helping  LP2I facilitate lead generation and client retention thanks to a better online presence. In order to do this, our mission is to help them build an ergonomic and functioning website that will improve the brand image which will be key to bringing LP2i forward in the competition. Social Media will also be part of the project strategy as LP2i is looking to be able to facilitate communication with its customers.

At the end of this year, we want to be able to show results of the new LP2i digital strategy and the effect on their ROI.

Explore the Company Projects 2018/2019 where the Students of Digital Marketing made their impact by incorporating the Digital Marketing Communication Skills and Strategies in order to build up the Brand.