Company projects 2019/2020

Explore the Company Projects 2019/2020 where the Students of Digital Marketing made their impact by incorporating the Digital Marketing Communication Skills and Strategies in order to build up the Brand.



Aquarêve is a high-end swimming pool manufacturer on the French Riviera. Also, they are members of the Esprit Piscine (gathering of swimming pool manufacturers in France) group. It was founded in 2000 and currently employs 15 people.

Over the years, the company has specialized in building high-end swimming pools and luxury spas, in renovating old and out-of-date swimming pools. Aquarêve is also one of the winners of a CSR project led by the PACA region.



Avelia is a B2B telecom network integrator that supplies, installs and ensures the maintenance of business communication solutions such as:

Phone services / Internet access / Cloud storage / Security services

The company mainly focuses on SMEs and local communities in France.

Our role as Avelia’s consultants is to rebuild their brand identity by creating new solutions to digitalize their business as well as participating in their international development.


Art For Ness

Art For Ness is an online art gallery that sells artworks and illustrations of artist from Middle East and North Africa countries.

Firstly, the aim is to promote these artists, tell the stories and the environments around them. Actually, they want to let people know more about the barriers and evolutions of art in different conditions in MENA region. Through quality media and accessible to all, each work is unique, limited series and delivered with its certificate of authenticity. .


Cultures en ville

Cultures en Ville was created in 2015 and currently has about ten employees. The company’s goal is to recreate a real ecosystem in gardens, through the landscaping of roofs or any other surfaces. However, they are based on AgroParisTech and INRA’s researches on substrats, Cultures en Ville’s approach is ecological and sustainable from designing to implementing. To do so they use renewable and local resources.


Crédit Agricole

Crédit Agricole PACA would like to become the reference bank in the tourism sector.



Electrosmart is a digital service/ consumer application which can measure the exposure to electromagnetic radiations. It is situated at the earth of research – INRIA. The company was setup in 2016 with an aim to spread awareness about various electromagnetic waves and how it is going to affect our health. Actually, they are using all the existing antennas on smartphone like Wifi, Bluetooth etc. based on their geographical location.

The objective for the company is to create brand awareness, increase acquisition, retention and reputation in the market


Groupe Napoléon

Groupe Napoléon is a company with two 4 star hotels: Hotel Napoléon and Hotel Victoria. Located in front of the sea and just a 10-minute walk from the old town of Menton, Hotel Napoléon is equipped with 44 rooms, a gym and a swimming pool. As for Hotel Victoria, it is with 32 rooms, in Roquebrune Cap Martin.The owner and general manager of the hotels is Matthew.

This project has for aim: to provide methodology and tools of digital marketing to help him to increase profit.


Hipe Kids

HiPe Kids is an e-learning platform which employs the Cambridge English methodology to tutor non-native speakers. The platform aims to foster confidence and independence among learners.



MESCURIOSITÉ.ART is a source of enrichment about worlds of mineral, vegetal and animal. The brand wants to share the spirit of tradition and legacy by offering precious gemstones, luxury furniture for house decoration, and jewelry.

company-projects-logo is a website tools where people can compare holidays stays and tours, and not only flights and hostels like any other website.

This project has for aime to develop the digital marketing strategy of .

Explore the Company Projects 2019/2020 where the Students of Digital Marketing made their impact by incorporating the Digital Marketing Communication Skills and Strategies in order to build up the Brand.