Comité Régional Olympique et Sportif

The MSc Digital Marketing program offers students a real-world experience by allowing them to enhance their digital marketing skills through a company projects. An example of such a company project is the CROS Côte d’Azur – the first sport’s contact in the region. The project offers means for scheduling sports trainings and hosting all other needs for clubs and leagues, and also helps athletes validate their acquired experience. The challenge for the students working on this project was to improve CROS Côte d’Azur’s website in terms of the look-and-feel and content. The goal was to convey information more easily and to the right person. Moreover, participating students strived to increase CROS Côte d’Azur’s visibility and notoriety through digital communication.

After several weeks of analysis, benchmark and sleepless nights, the students are now able to successfully define how sections should be organized, what features should be added on the website and how the site could adopt a more user-friendly design. Naturally, in order to achieve, such feat, the students were offered continuous support by experienced coaches every step of the way.

Their next goal was to build an efficient communication plan and deliver functional specifications for the website.

Pauline FERRON
Clémentine ROURE
Amélie DEMAN
Amanda PEREZ
Julien LEGAL
François POUPON