Pierre Bizollon

Founder of UltraProd Coach of Web design

I transform digital into a lever of growth for your company. As a freelancer or as an agency with my team, depending on your needs. I piloted and developed the marketing & communication of traditional (BASF, BAYER) or digital (Yahoo!, Renault Digital Factory, Invivo Digital Factory, Crédit Agricole Digital) companies. I also support many companies…

virginie droit

Founder & CEO of Redicom Agency - Communication


Consultant - Management & Leadership

Founder & CEO of DPSO - Email Marketing

mike castro demaria
Mike Castro Demaria

Founder of UltraProd Coach of Web design

Since 95′ experienced on web and mobile project and in a wide variety of business applications

Frédéric Bossard
Frederic Bossard

Owner of WACAN - Coach of Web Marketing