Virginie Droit

Founder & CEO of Redicom Agency - Communication

Vincent Iacolare

Founder & CEO of Synertal - Agile Methodology

Daniel Wojerz

Consultant - International Project Management

Victor Poinson

Sales & Technical Associate at Google - SEO & SEM

Philippe Scotto

Consultant - Management & Leadership

Lamia Moussaoui

Manager at Société Générale - Project Mgt

David Mounou

Founder & CEO of DPSO - Email Marketing

Daniel Amor

Lead Consultant at Hewlett-Packard - E-commerce

Armand Portelli

CEO of MICROGINES - Coach of Business Development

Mike Castro Demaria

Founder of UltraProd Coach of Web design

Since 95′ experienced on web and mobile project and in a wide variety of business applications