I thank SKEMA for the opportunity, and all what the school taught me and helped me achieve.

Ghita TAZI, 2017-18

With classes such as web design, e-commerce and e-CRM, Social Network & Community Management, this MSc delivered on all the expectations I had.

Victor Pasquier, 2017-18

The true value of this program relies in the opportunity it gives anyone of us to work all year on a real life project, with professionals.

Justine Fricker, 2016-17

Globally, I improved my ability to flourish with minimal guidance to myself and develop my abilities to run a project.

Marlène Lassonnery, 2016-17

Ms. Walas gives her heart to this program and takes into account her student’s comments, fighting to improve the classes constantly.

Ursula Hajkova, 2016-17

Everything we did during the year turned out to be useful for finding an internship or a job, and our degree was appreciated by recruiters.

Gen Peng, 2014-15

We were taught by great professionals from Google and web agencies. We’re now able to create websites, manage advertising, and lead team projects.

Xavier Guillou, 2014-15

This year of MSc studies has been the best ever. This program accurately reflects the market I am preparing to enter. It was tough but well worth it!

Yann Cano, 2012-13

Coaches with different background and business experience encourage us to solve problems in an unconventional manner.

HuiTing Pan, 2012-13

Classes were in line with the strategies that today’s business people need to know to manage internet-related projects successfully.

Marielle Felicio Marra, 2011-12