“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”            

At first when I started off, I was merely a package of theoretical knowledge with a pinch of confidence, ready to explore, looking for that tiny spark to get started. SKEMA is one such platform which helped me to transfer the skills and strengths I possessed and assisted in creating a profession and career out of it.

MSc in Digital Marketing not only strengthened me with a strong theoretical base but also helped me to bridge the gap between theory and practice through live projects with companies and stake holders. The best part of it is that not only did it enrich my confidence but also gave me an opportunity to work with a team of people from different ethnicities who shared their heritage and views which made the work environment interesting and fun.

Another crucial factor boosting competency is that the course keeps you up to date with the skills that the current market demands such as the integration of Project Management into the course. It provides a cutting edge over others when you are exposed to a whole new world of opportunities in the global work environment.

The entire Digital Marketing team worked in harmony providing complete assistance and guidance at all times to bring a positive elevation within the span of one year. The professional expertise of the teaching staff is admirable. In particular, learning Google Adwords & Analytics and being taught by an employee of Google was one of the best experiences of the program.