Hello, my name is Ghita Tazi, and for my end-of-studies internship, I had the great pleasure of working with Accenture France, as a social media manager.
As Skema already had given us the opportunity to work as consultants for a company, within the Msc Digital Marketing, I had some experience in the field.
But above all, my dissertation, that was about social media strategy, helped me tackle every task I had in my internship with more know-how and expertise, because of all the literature review of the dissertation, and the case studies that my partner and I conducted.
The internship went so smoothly, I enjoyed every second it. I loved my team and found it very easy to fit in.
I am today glad to announce that the company chose to keep me on a full contract, as a digital communication analyst.
I thank SKEMA for the opportunity, and all what the school taught me and helped me achieve.