Now that I’ve completed the MSc, I can finally say how happy I am with my experience at SKEMA Business School and the MSc course.

I chose this MSc to improve my knowledge in web marketing (in which I already had over eight years of experience) and to improve my project management skills.

Our classes were in line with the subjects and strategies that today’s business people need to know to manage internet-related projects successfully.

Currently, in this economic context, companies are seeking ways to improve their communication with customers in a less expensive way. In my opinion, using online tools and the power of social media is not only the most innovative way to achieve this goal, but also the most effective one. I feel I should be part of it.

At SKEMA we “learn by doing”. With this innovative way of teaching, students can improve their skills not just by learning the theory, but also by applying it through different projects.

I’ve already got a job, which I’ve started; I’m working in Canada at a company as social media and community manager. It’s great!