Education is an investment in knowledge and your future. With SKEMA, my return on investment has been better than expected.

Apichaya Inprasit, 2011-12

Learning Google Adwords & Analytics thanks to an employee of Google was one of the best experiences of the program.

Bharat Mahesh Patil, 2015-16

I found the company project that we worked on throughout the year to be the highlight of the Digital Marketing program.

Anastasia Lyukshina, 2015-16

Working as a team for a real project gave us the perfect opportunity to put theory into practice and to get a job really quickly.

Nicolas Algoedt, 2013-14Student 201-2014

The program is designed to help us develop practical skills and give us a wide vision of what’s actually going on in the industry.

Patsaapa Laohaareedilok, 2012-13Student 2012-2013

Thanks to this MSc, you learn how to manage a project, and you learn and understand what is hidden behind a website!

Julie Miegeville, 2013-14Student 2013-2014

Supporting and experienced teachers gave me the opportunity and guidance to challenge myself and push to achieve more.

Giwan Persaud, 2010-11Student 2010-2011

The courses allowed me to improve my skills and acquire the knowledge that companies look for. Wonderful experience!

Anne-Flore Darmet, 2013-14Student 2013-2014