As many other alumnis said before me, this Master’s degree gives you the opportunity to put your knowledge gained in classes into practice. Personally, the courses that I enjoyed the most and that are helping me in my current internship, are “Google Adwords” and “Google Analytics” and Paul Caucheteux’s lecture about programmatic, more specifically real-time bidding. The MSc director, Ms. Walas, gives her heart to this program and takes into account her student’s comments, fighting to improve the classes constantly every year. The lecture about real-time bidding is a great example of the efforts to keep up with the fast-evolving world of digital marketing and integrating new topics into the schedule.



The two semesters spent in Sophia Antipolis were different for me because I was selected to help create the MSc blog. Apart from learning how to create a website on WordPress, I also had the opportunity to look “behind the scenes” of the MSc as one of the teacher’s assistants and to participate in events such as scientific committee aiming to shape the academic program for next year. Not only did I enjoy managing the blog throughout the whole year but it also paid off later while I was looking for an internship. Indeed, dedicating your free time to any personal project shows that you are a curious and hard-working self-learner, qualities that are highly appreciated by recruiters. At the end of the year, besides hundreds of students graduating from other schools, you may wind up fighting for the same job position even with one of your peers. At this moment, you’ll likely need to bring something more to the table than your degree and professional experience. This blog was my ‘something more’ and I’m infinitely grateful to Ms. Walas for giving me this opportunity.