This year of MSc studies has been the best ever. This program accurately reflects the market I am preparing to enter.

Project management is fully covered during the program. I now have a better grasp on what project management is and a stronger understanding of how it works. Students also have the opportunity to be PMI certified which can make a huge difference when looking for a job.

Also, students work on real projects throughout the year in order to reinforce what is taught during project management courses. Managing a nine-month project can be quite challenging, however it allows students to work efficiently in teams – that’s something I’d never done before.

This experience helped me understand what was needed to get a job in the web industry, such as advertising, or even basic creation skills.

It was a tough year, but well worth it!

And it paid off – I was just been offered a permanent position at Zanox as a small and medium business account manager. Zanox is Europe’s largest network for performance-based online advertising. I’m really happy about it.