Webinaire : Focus sur le MSc Digital Marketing de SKEMA

What do I need to be awarded the MSc degree?

  • Obtain 90 credits
  • Successfully complete all required courses during the two semesters (doing only one semester won’t allow you to be awarded of the master)*
  • Do the dissertation
  • Obtain a GPA ≥ 2
  • Validate a 4 months (min.) professional experiences
  • Respect SKEMA’s Ethical Charter
  • Pay the Tuition Fees

* For any student failing to complete all degree requirements the final degree board will decide on the appropriate measures to be taken.  This may include retaking failed courses (resulting in prolonging the length of study), total (one year) or partial (one semester) repetition of a year of study, or suspension of study.

SKEMA reserves the right to withhold the diploma until the student has fulfilled all administrative and financial obligations (books returned to the library, school fees fully paid up etc.).

What are the conditions to enter the master Digital Marketing?

The conditions to integrate are the same as for other MSc, unless we have too much candidates (max of 114 students reached this academic year 2017-18).

In this case I will do a selection regarding 1/ yours seriousness (because it’s a real business year with real companies projects) and GPA, the fact that you do the 2 semesters FALL then SPRING and your motivation/business experience

If you want to apply for the SPRING semester only, a digital experience is required. It is facultative is you apply either for the whole year (FALL & SPRING) or only FALL semester .

You will not be evaluated by your previous certifications/proficiencies in digital tools. Any previous certification such as Google Analytics and/or Google AdWords is a bonus. You will have courses throughout the year to help you get certified.

Is it possible to do only one semester of the masters?

Yes but it is highly recommended to attend the two semesters (criteria to enter, continuity in courses).

It is possible to enter the master for the FALL semester except if the total number of students is reached (reached for instance in 2016-2017). In that case, people with a good academic track and entering the two semesters will be accepted first.

To get in SPRING, skills in Photoshop, WordPress and HTML are required as well as digital marketing strategy. Those skills are essentials to better work in team and understand the courses you will attend during the spring semester.

Is it be a problem if I don’t have much experience in graphic design?

It is not a problem if you enter the master for the two semesters. First you will get all the basics and then you will learn to use a few digital tools.

What professional experience is needed to validate the masters?

A minimum of a 4 and maximum of 6 months experience is required. It can be an internship, a fixed-term contract (CDD in French), a company creation project or a International Volunteers in Business (VIE in French).

What are the differences between a 1-year MSc and a 2-year MSc?

The 2-year MSc focuses first on management and global subjects and then on your specialization.

The 1-year MSc focuses directly on your specialization.

What are the admission requirements to enter a 1-year MSc?

→ A four-year Bachelor’s degree

→ An English language-level certificate (TOEFL: 580; TOEIC: 830; IELTS: 6.5; ELS: 112). The English test is waived when the candidate’s undergraduate studies have been done in an English-speaking university. 

What are the admission requirements to enter a 2-year MSc?

→ A three-year Bachelor’s degree

→An English language-level certificate (TOEFL: 560; TOEIC: 800; IELTS: 6; ELS: 110).

What about the admission process for a 1-year MSc or a 2-year MSc?

Fill in the online application form, upload the following documents: CV, personal statement, letters of recommendation, transcripts, English test result (if applicable) and a passport copy.

Then if you are eligible, you will be contacted for a SKYPE  interview.


You can have more information by reaching the webpage,


What about the application and tuition fees?

Application fees: 100 €

1-year MSc:  16 000 €

2-year MSc: 24 900 €

What do I need to be awarded the MSc?

Whether on the one-year programme or the two-year programme, students are able to repeat an academic year once only. Students on the two-year programme may not repeat both years.

Can I apply for a gap year between the two semesters?

If you are a Grande Ecole student, you will be able to have a gap year between FALL and SPRING semesters.

If you are a pure player, MSc only student, you won’t be able to have a gap year between both semesters.

What does the thesis consist of?

The thesis is required in order to get the Master of Science. It is a research project, about an issue you may find interesting.

Note that you will have to work in pairs, submit a written report and present your project.

I am a 'SKEMA Grande Ecole' student, will I be awarded the MSc grade?

When applying to a MSc, you have 2 possibilities as PGE student.

You can apply for a full year MSc :

  • FALL Semester (N) – MSc DM
  • SPRING Semester (N) – MSc DM
  • + Thesis

You will both be awarded PGE and MSc diplomas.


Otherwise, if you want to apply for a Gap year, you will be able to do the following :

  • FALL Semester (N) – Gap Year
  • SPRING Semester (N) – MSc DM
  • FALL Semester (N+1) – MSc DM
  • SPRING Semester (N+1) – Gap Year

if you do so, you will get a PGE Diploma.

Please keep in mind that if you join the MSc during spring semester, knowledge in digital will be required.

Students work on a consulting project on both semesters. You will be assigned to an already started project and may find it more difficult, although students often perform well.

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