Frédéric Bossard


  1. Digital Project Consulting I
  2. Digital Project Consulting II

Frédéric BOSSARD

Director of the MSc Digital Marketing

Prof. Frederic BOSSARD has started his career in Academia at Université Nice Sophia Antipolis where he taught, for 21 years, courses in Web marketing and Digital Culture. Since then, he has been an affiliate professor at Skema Business school for the past 13 years and is currently responsible for teaching two main courses, namely Web marketing and project management. He also draws on his ongoing expertise of 17 years as associate director and president of the SAS at the WACAN agency, to diligently coach students at Skema on collaborating with established and entrepreneurial companies to implement real business project needs.

Prof. Frederic BOSSARD also puts his knowledge and expertise into practice. In 2014, he co-launched a budding start-up Data-Moove, that aims to resolve the issues tourists face in regard to obtaining real-time and updated information during their travel. He is also affiliated to a multitude of organizations such as UPE 06 as an active member since 2011; Sophia Club Entreprises as administrator; Télécom Valley as President; and Collectivité locale as second term councilor.

His educational background has been founded on a master’s degree in communication at Université Nice Sophia Antipolis where he also served as the President of the student association; an Elected member to the Faculty of Arts Council; and Deputy Head of “Computer Space for All” association. He further deepened his proficiency in communication science through a 5 years’ mastery program in Communication, Sociology, and Ethnology. During these years, he again served as President of the Students’ Association; a Member of the board of directors of the Faculty of Humanities, Arts and Humanities; and a Professor of Computer Science at the IFTA

He has received « Palmes de la Communication 2008 et 2010 » award, and the National Prize for Online Training.