Ivan COSTE has almost 40 years of professional experience. He’s worked both locally and internationally in the fields of business management, business administration, and more. He has served as a permanent marketing professor at Skema Business School since 2006.

He has served as the affiliated professor since 2000 and taught in more than 30 universities and schools. Other titles include Founder and Scientific Director of the MSc Luxury & Fashion Management since 2008, and MSc (double degree with North Carolina State University) Global Luxury Management  (2011-2018). Director of the Faculty Program, Luxury Retail in LATAM, Florida International University since 2014.

Member of the Faculty Council, honorably or distinguished professor in 5 business schools, with more than 6 books, 200 articles, and conferences.

Administrator of the Alumni Association of the Economic and Social Council of the French Republic and member of the Regional Economic, Social and environmental committee. President of the Regional Olympic Committee of the Cote d’Azur (2015-2019)(CROS CA), vice president of the Comité Français Pierre de Coubertin and of the Association of the French speaking Olympic academies and of the regional Olympic committee.

Officer of the Palmes Academiques (Ministry of Education) and gold medal of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and of the French Federation of Athletics and the Pierre de Coubertin Committee.


  1. Sustainable and International Project Development