Muriel Walas


  1. Project Management & Innovation
  2. Advanced Project Management
  3. Digital Project Consulting

Muriel WALAS

Scientific Director of the MSc Digital Marketing

Dr. Muriel Walas is a permanent associate professor of project management and quantitative methods and the Director of the MSc program in Digital Marketing at SKEMA Business School. Her educational achievements encompass a Master’s degree in Computer Sciences from the engineer school INSA; a Master’s in Management from IAE Aix-en-Provence; a PhD from the University of Nice Sophia-Antipolis; and full qualification in Digital Marketing from ESC Europe-Benchmark group.

In terms of professional experience, Dr. Walas has worked for 22 years as a Professor in both business schools and engineering schools, where she taught both students and company executives. She also filled in a management role for 3 years at the Data Processing Department of SKEMA (Sophia Antipolis campus). At this date, Dr. Walas has 12 years of work experience as a scientific director for the E-Business option, other majors, and lastly her current MSc program. She is now responsible for the Project management Department at the Sophia Antipolis campus.

Overall, Muriel Walas’ accomplishments are diverse and well recognized. She draws on her experience as a computer science engineer, and both project and sales manager in the IT industry, to successfully publish many cases studies and speak at conferences dedicated to professionals. The highlight of her career at SKEMA relates the implementation of a SKEMA e-learning for business (CEFYB) during the EQUIS audit. This has earned her, and her team of students, special congratulations regarding the quality of the work and the students’ dedication to their school. Thereafter, she also created e-learning training programs, and managed a set of e-learning courses.