SEMCO launched its actual website in February 2012. After 1 year the average visitor rate is still below our expectations. The e-commerce activity is not working but it is not our purpose. Semco is only working in B to B and this activity was more an excuse to encourage visitors to see the global range of products.

Without changing the whole web site, we would like to know if the structure of the site is consistent, what are the expectations of our clients when the come to visit our website and if they could find what they look for easily. Also comparing with competitor’s websites, find out what could be improved and how to get a “more intuitive” site.

More over, Semco has been working for 2 years on eco-packaging as it is a strong request from the Market. In 2013, Semco launched a range of our products in “Green PE”, raw material, made with sugar cane, which is an alternative to conventional raw material from petroleum industry. This eco responsible approach is not enough noticeable on our website and that is a pity as we are few plastic manufacturers proposing eco-solutions in packaging. Semco needs a web marketing strategy on this subject and to be well positioned on the web concerning this “Eco” subject.

Finally Semco is one of the well-known actors in Nutrition packaging but the company is not easily findable on the web even with key-words such as “pill jars”. An IT monitoring seems necessary to find the right words to use and improve our positioning.

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