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Sophia Antipolis, the center of innovation

As the MSc Digital Marketing is based on the SKEMA’s Sophia Antipolis campus. Thus, the program benefits from its strategic location. Indeed, Sophia Antipolis technopole offers the innovation and the dynamism that are essential for our students.

Sophia Antipolis, the 1st European technopole

Sophia Antipolis

The view over Sophia Antipolis


Sophia Antipolis technopole celebrated its 50th birthday last year in 2019. Started in 1969 by the Senator Pierre Laffite, it was built based on the concept of American technology parks. The initial goal was to encourage the cooperation between companies, researchers and professors. Today, Sophia Antipolis has now become the first European technopole.




Here are some key figures!

  • 2 230 companies, from startups to public or private research centers and leading companies (Amadeus, Air France…)
  • 4 000 researchers
  • 5 000 students
  • 63 nationalities

Sophia Antipolis is then a 2 400 hectare technopole dedicated to innovation. Indeed, the first Artificial Intelligence Center recently opened and illustrates this dynamism.

The first Artificial Intelligence Center

Maison AI

The Artificial Intelligence Center

On the 10th of March 2020, Sophia Antipolis technopole inaugurated the Artificial Intelligence Center.

The Department Council of Alpes-Maritimes initiated this project in order to place the region as the national reference in AI. It is the fruit of the collaboration between the Communauté d’Agglomération de Sophia Antipolis, Côte d’Azur University and the Chambre de Commerce et d’Industrie Nice Côte d’Azur.


But, what is the Artificial Intelligence Center?

It is a unique center dedicated to Artificial Intelligence in order to inform and share about AI innovations. The center also presents the AI stakes and impacts on our society. It is a place that fosters cooperation in order to encourage AI-related innovations. The Artificial Intelligence Center is organized in 3 poles:

  1. The Lab AI, which is a co-working space to foster cooperation
  2. A training room to teach and learn from AI
  3. A showroom to showcase innovations


Thanks to this initiative, the department is willing to develop an ethical and responsible AI that places Humans at the core.

Here are some words from Frédéric Bossard, the MSc Digital Marketing director, who had the chance to take part in the inauguration.

“As the MSc Digital Marketing Director and the President of the Telecom Valley association*, it seemed perfectly normal for me to participate in the development of this Artificial Intelligence Center. I was part of the working group, set up by the Departmental Council, on the content and animation of this center. Indeed, the idea is obviously to shed light on the companies that conduct research or elaborate products in this field. However, there is also a willing to popularize AI among students.”

Sophia Antipolis, an asset for the MSc Digital Marketing

Skema campus

Skema’s campus

The students of the MSc Digital Marketing can benefit from being located in a such strategic place. For example, the Artificial Intelligence Center is located only 500 meters away from the campus. Thus, Frédéric Bossard is already willing to organize visits and seminars in this center. Indeed, the program will invite AI experts to share their expertise and insights with the students. This format is great to encourage the exchange of knowledge between AI experts and the MSc Digital Marketing students. As Frédéric Bossard said:

“digital marketing uses these techniques, and we have obviously integrated within our master this aspect of AI that guides us and directs us on strategic choices that our students will find in their companies.”


*Telecom Valley is an association that brings together companies, associations, local authorities and institutions working in the digital field and representing nearly 18 000 employees in the South East of France.

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