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For this year’s Msc Challenge, students were asked to create logos, tee-shirts and a “trombinoscope” ! Find below a compilation of their outstanding work on their trombinoscopes to discover our new Digital Marketing students !

Teacher's Assistants and Delegates


Carmen is Muriel Walas’ right-hand woman. She acts as an intermediary between students and professors, gathering all the important information the students need to succeed. Fortunately, she gets to do some fun tasks as well such as organizing delivery of the Msc goodies for the whole class.


Nishant is the Teacher Research Assistant. He is in charge of researching and writing business cases for 2 companies’ Digital Strategy. Nishant will also take care of framing a chapter for AFNOR on the case study based on French company, focused on the systematic analysis taught in our MSc.

Finally, he has the hard job of co-ordinating with students to submit their deliverables for the business cases.


Alexia is the Webmaster and Community Manager of this Msc . She takes care of the visual, cretation and updating aspect of this webiste, she is also the relay between job offers and the class. She also manages the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin pages of this  Master of Science. She is under the nice supervision and receive useful advices of our IT teacher Mike Castro Demaria.

Class Delegates

Delegates are in charge of collecting feedback, positive or negative, of our current students and submitting it to our professors in order to improve the program. Since our dear classmates can be sometimes a little harsh in their comments (oh, those cheeky millenials!), delegates serve as a sort of filter so not to hurt feelings of our professors. As their privileged interlocutors, they have the opportunity to take a sneak peek behind the scenes of our MSc.

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