Thierry BOURON

AI management
Thierry BOURON is an author on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and innovation ( Intelligence artificielle, l’affaire de tous – Pearson 2020 ;  Innovation 50 success Stories – Dunod 2017).
For ten years ago, he manages an operational team at Orange supporting the exploitation of a high available customer data service. He is also an associate lecturer at Skema in AI Management since 2017.
In the past, he managed several projects on Big Data and customizable Orange Web Portal (5 million Visitors by day). Thierry BOURON led industry-university programs with world-class partners such as MIT, Berkley on Information Communications Technologies. He oversaw intellectual property (IP) and IP valuation at a software engineering direction. He has founded significant (€ 20M and 12M) research programs: on Services Sciences, e-business, and digital Enterprises topics and led an AI team.
Thierry Bouron received M.Scs. and a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Paris 6.


  • AI Management