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The most attractive thing that made us choose MSc Digital Marketing is that we can carry out a real company project throughout the entire academic year. This means we will gain practical experience through executing tasks, adapting digital minds and handling real challenges. Our project is to help launch a medical application called VaiPahrm, which is a mobile application that helps users virtually store data from their pharmacy and organise it. People can match their specialties to not only their own prescriptions and profile, but also to their relatives, and add reminders through the platform as necessary. The medical industry is sensitive, however, it is a silver industry with growing opportunities. We are working on the marketing and community communication for VaiPharm by finding partnerships and sponsors. We started to do a benchmark, which analyses several similar applications to VaiPahrm. Moreover, we also aim to help create the business model. Since this is a real company project, it is then necessary to try make the company profitable.

We are lucky because we have an internationally diverse group. Additionally, VaiPahrm is created and developed by Mike, who not only represents the company’s ideas, but also serves as our teacher. Therefore, our team can exchange information and ideas quickly and effectively. Mike, along with our team, believes that this application will lead to a new future for the medical industry.

Baojuan LUO
Hanlin SHU
Yunfei Zeng